Palmetto Equine Awareness & Rescue League

Serving Upstate South Carolina

Neptune's Horses by Walter Crane


Animals that we successfully rehabilitate and are of good health and temperment will be listed here for adoption. Through the adoption process we hope to insure that each one will go to a responsible home where it will receive the care, respect, and love intended by it's creator.

Each adoption request requires that you fill out and sign the adoption application form. The completed, signed application form and non-refundable application fee must be mailed to us. Details about how to complete the form and where to mail it are on the form.

The application can be downloaded from here or you can contact us to request that a form be mailed to you.

You will be asked to provide the name of your large animal veterinarian, farrier, and a brief history of your experience with horses. We will want to know how many animals you have, what their ages are and how long you have owned them. The application will also ask what you intend to use the animal for, be it pasture companion, trail horse or prospective show horse. Pictures of the property where it will be kept will help, but a PEARL volunteer may contact you to arrange an on premise visit. It is our intent that these animals are never again found in the condition or circumstances that led to their seizure. Our expectations of ownership exceed the South Carolina Code of Laws, minimum standards of care found in Title 47.

If we receive multiple acceptable applications for an animal, then we will draw a name from a hat to determine it's new home.

What we do

Unless otherwise specified in it's description, each animal will have the following:

  • Completed a three-part parasite control program consisting of Strongid, Ivermectin, and Zimecterin Gold.
  • Appropriate innoculations, including rabies.
  • Negative Coggins test.
  • Set of medical and training records.
  • A resQ™ microchip will be inserted and registration information will be provided to the new owner. Owners will be able to register at the resQ™ website. There is no fee for the registration.

The new owner will be responsible for transportation of the animal after adoption.


The only required fee is the non-refundable application fee. In the description of each animal we will list the cost to rehabilitate it. We hope you will help defray these costs by making a tax-deductible contribution to PEARL. Contributions will allow us to continue our mission.

Horses available for adoption

Currently we have no horses available for adoption.

Successful adoptions

Reference number 2007-02

This is horse 11 from the Townville seizure.

Reference number 2007-03

This is horse 8 from the Townville seizure.

Reference number 2007-04

This is horse 9 from the Townville seizure.